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Common Reasons Why Auto Gate Will Not Open Or Close

Auto gates are incredibly reliable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Over the years, auto gates have been widely adopted in many homes and commercial premises, not just in Malaysia but across the world. In Puchong, more and more property owners have installed a variety of folding gates, double swing gate and sliding gate to help achieve an elegant and modern appeal to driveways and doorway entrances.

Auto gate repair companies such as Berjaya have helped auto gate owners troubleshoot and find solutions for several problems affecting their gate performance. Does your auto gate not open? This is mostly due to blown fuses or power loss to the gate’s control panel. It typically takes our gate engineer a matter of minutes to verify and reliably determine the best way to solve the problem.

In order to assist auto gate owners in achieving better efficiency and long-lived performance, we present valuable details regarding why your gate may not be opening or closing, and some actionable steps to take care of your auto gate.

Worn or damaged parts
Does your gate have worn or damaged parts that are affecting its performance?
You can expect an inexpensive and quick repair that will get an old system back up and running perfectly in no time.

Poor installation practices
In some cases, poor sealing of control panels and other gate devices. Consequently, some foreign objects many enter your gate system, thus leading to poor performance. Again our service team can effectively remove the foreign objects and seal up entry points, leaving you with a working system.

Heavy use
Some auto gates (especially in busy commercial environments) may start wearing out due to heavy usage. In such a case, we recommend frequent servicing to prolong their performance.

Weather conditions
Your auto gate may not be built to withstand certain weather conditions. Consequently, the gate may experience some problems, especially during cold weather. For example, you might notice some delay in opening or closing.

Some auto gate components tend to contract with low temperature. Also, grease used for the lubrication of moving parts may thicken. Such factors may cause your auto gate not to move and open properly. You might even notice that the gate is using more power. It’s worth noting that some lubrication is specially intended for specific temperatures.

Maintenance long overdue
In case the maintenance and servicing of your auto gate are long overdue, the chances are that it will start having some issues that soon graduate into serious problems. Ideally, a thorough auto gate maintenance should be done every six months. Periodic maintenance not only minimizes wear and tear but enhances overall efficiency. The end result is a perfectly working auto gate with an extended lifespan.

Choose Berjaya for excellent auto gate repair and maintenance services. We have discussed some of the common issues encountered with auto gates. However, there can be other common problems as well. When purchasing a new auto gate, we recommend choosing gates made from high-quality metal that does not rust, rot, warp, twist, shrink or swell.

We provide bespoke repair solutions for every type of auto gate and barrier automation in both domestic and commercial environments. If you need a new gate, we supply a full range of great looking gates of in various material, colors and finishes. We cater to every issue you may experience with your new or old auto gate.

If you are looking for the best auto gate repair services in Puchong, talk to us today and get your job done by some of the best professionals in the field. Our prices are competitive as well!

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Are you facing one of the following operation problems of your autogate?



1.      用 “remote control” 或 “push button”,都不能开。
Can not open at all, either by “remote control” or “push button”.


2.      可以开或关,但半途中会停止。
Can open or close but stop halfway.


3.      只有其中一边能开或关。
Can only open or close on one side.


4.      电动门无缘无故自己开。
Gate just open by itself.


5.      电动门开得比平时慢。
Gate open slowly.


6.     电动门开得很不顺畅。
Gate opens jerkily.


7.      Motor 很吵。
Motor is very noisy.


8.      Rollers经常脱轨。
Rollers always off track.


9.      Bearing 很吵。
Bearing noisy.


Caution 注意


 If you are facing gate cannot be opened at all, either by “remote control” or “push button”, please check your house ELCB. Make sure all the “tripped switches” are on. If still fail, call us.


如果您面对电动门用 ”remote control“ 或 ”push button“ 都不能开,请您先检查家里的电控箱(ELCB),确保所有的”tripped swithces“ 有被 “on回” 。如全部都 “on” 但还是不能操作,请联络我们。






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