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Want your structure to last longer while at the same time easily standing out? Glass awning can be a game changer for your structure. It goes without saying that very few architectural features are as striking as glass awning. Besides their aesthetic appeal, glass awnings offer many benefits for both different types of structures.

Glass awnings are the structural tools of choice to help you enjoy the beauty of nature in comfort. As a leading furniture supplier in Malaysia, the team at BERJAYA STEEL RAILINGS SDN BHD doesn’t want you to miss out. In this regards, we have provided all the ways glass awning can enhance your building.

Optimum weather protection

Benefits of glass awning in terms of weather protection cannot be overstated. Glass awnings are excellent in withstanding even the harshest wind or rain. Consequently, building owners are able to keep walkways, entrances and sitting areas free from extreme weather elements. When shopping for suitable glass awnings, customers seek for products that will not only provide a more comfortable and relaxing space but enhance the safety aspects to the building by ensuring the building is protected from extreme external conditions that are likely to cause damage.

Glass awnings allow natural light to your building. Consequently, they are suitable for walkways, door entrance or any extension to the building. BERJAYA STEEL RAILINGS SDN BHD offers quality glass awnings of various shapes and designs depending on your specific preferences. Our glass awnings offer the utmost heat reflection and sound reduction, thus helping achieve a quiet and peaceful building.

Cost effective

Glass awning may be more expensive than other alternatives made from Perspex, fiberglass, and plastic. However, glass offers utmost durability and will last a lifetime. With glass awning, you don’t have to worry about the material becoming quickly discolored. More often than not, awnings made from other materials require regular replacement in order to keep them functional.

At BERJAYA STEEL RAILINGS SDN BHD, we ensure our glass awnings are not affected by sun damage and can last for many decades. In this regards, our glass awnings are made from either tempered glass or toughened glass, which are very cost-effective in the long run. Glass awnings have become one of the widely used structural tools, especially when you want to keep costs and maintenance low without compromising superior quality. The structural tools are excellent in adding value to a building.

Enhancing architectural designs

When it comes to commercial building, glass awning transforms an otherwise be a typical building into a unique, dramatic architectural structure. More and more building owners from not only Malaysia but across the world are using glass awning to give a unique edge to their building. Glass awnings have a multitude of uses and are highly compatible with many architectural designs.

A stylish entrance with glass awning makes an unforgettable first impression and will definitely turn heads. Glass awning helps improve outdoor spaces by creating scenic seating or learning area. They are effective structural tools to bring out key areas in your building.  It’s worth noting that building owners want glass awnings that will blend with existing structures and materials.

Looking for quality glass awning in Malaysia? Choose our glass awning solutions today and add shape, dimension, and elegance to your building.

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