Stainless Steel Door Grill Malaysia

Tips for Choosing the Right Door Grill Supplier

Door grills are an essential long-term asset that can be installed quickly and effortlessly in both commercial and residential properties. Countries such as Malaysia have experienced massive housing development during the last decade. Consequently, there has been demand for essential structural tools such as door grills.

 Door grills not only enhance your home protection but also have aesthetic benefits. More and more property owners are installing door grill, along with other security options in order to feel safe inside their home. Additionally, door grills are an excellent aesthetic addition to a benefit.

Door grills are available in a full range of designs and are built from different materials. Looking for suitable door grills? It’s worth noting that there plenty of choices in the market in terms of the material and craftsmanship. Here are some tips to help you make more informed decisions regarding the most ideal suppliers and door grills.

Types of door grills

There are plenty of door grills brands and models available not only in Malaysia but across the world. As a customer, it’s always imperative to choose from many products. In this regards, suitable suppliers should be able to offer a wide variety of products. You should consider all the pros and cons of the different materials and designs.


Many homeowners today tend to go with customized designs for the door grills. Therefore, there is a need for suppliers to work closely with customers and provide a customized design that meets their specific needs.

 It’s essential that suppliers consider the most ideal design for both aesthetic and security reasons. It goes without saying that the size of doors is not always standard. Therefore, the supplier should be able to provide the door grills as per the size requirements.


The price of door grills varies a lot due to a number of factors. More often than not, a highly priced door grill does not always mean high quality. When looking for the most ideal door grills, it’s always imperative to analyse different quotations for similar design and materials from several suppliers.

Timely supply of the products

It’s important to do some background check on different suppliers in order to find out if they deliver their products on time. It’s highly recommended that you work with a reputable supplier as this minimizes the probability of delays. Additionally, suitable suppliers should supply authentic door grills with warranty.

Experience in the industry

The importance of working with a reputable supplier cannot be overstated. Your door grill supplier of choice should be well aware of the various trends industry. Consequently, the company can supply you with the latest and most innovative door grills. Having negative reviews from a lot of customers is always a red flag you should look out for.

Installation of the grill

Installation of door grills can be very complicated, especially for complex designs. There are many companies that offer installation services upon purchase of the door grills. One of the most profound benefits of door grills is that once installed, you rest assured of constant protection without any additional fees and with zero maintenance.

Looking for door grills in Malaysia? Berjaya Steel Railings Sdn Bhd is the supplier of choice for reliable, beautifully designed, durable and very easy to install door grills that will certainly enhance the value of your home. Our products are designed for property owners who want zero compromises when it comes to the safety and security of their home.

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